The Desert River
Before Cloudmachine
Stephan Drake tests the Spoon behind Alta, Utah

Stephan Drake, on Lotus 138's in Haines, AK. Photo: Oskar Enander


DPS is on a quest to build the perfect ski. It's a search born from both lives dedicated to chasing ultimate conditions around the globe, and also a passion to redefine what is possible in deep snow. Skiing is our way of life, so we want the best boards under our feet-skis that have an intimate relationship with the skier-not mass-produced sporting goods. The right skis are more than just objects. They are tools that allow us to practice the art. They have to be the finest, which means a constant search for the best designs, the most advanced engineering, and groundbreaking materials. We are about pure performance that allows you to dive deeper into the art of Skiing. Learn more about DPS´ innovations and revolutionary designs in the company section.


  • Picking a ski can be tough. Don't worry.
  • We have been custom fitting skis over the internet since 2005.
    It's a process that works, and existing customers are stoked on it.

  • Fill out a ski finder form. Click Here.
  • We will put you in touch with a rep who shreds,
    knows skis inside and out, and has built their life around high performance skiing.

Where can I test them?

DPS has a Factory Direct Demo program. You can order a pair of skis, mount them, and ski on them for 3 days after you have received them. We feel they are the highest performing skis on Earth. If for any reason you don't like them, you can return them for a full refund, less the cost of shipping both ways.

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